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There is craze for American Television Series in media today. Lots of Series are being produced across the globe with variety of Genre. Television industry has come up with this entirely new concept of running Series on Air with continuing squeals and amazing graphics which we used to see only in highly rated movies. Whether you go on AMC, Starz or Netflix, there are dozens of new TV shoes being hosted.

However, Top5Hub believes that reading is much better than watching series. Many film productions have adapted the book based stories in reels, but believe me, books are your best friends. Here is the great link to get started with Top 5 Popular books of all time.

Today we present you very popular and off the charts American Television Series running on Air. Dedicated to small screen.

Top 5 Popular American Television Series to Watch

Better Call Saul


Genre- Crime Drama & Black Comedy.

Main Cast- Bob OdenKirk as Saul, Rhea Seehorn as Kim

Better Call Saul is an America Television crime drama series starring Bob Odenkirk as James Morgan. He is the main character in the show, portraying as small time lawyer. The show is basically prequel of Breaking Bad, hence setting is of 2002.

The plot is all about the lawyer who is willing to do anything to keep things from the court of law. Jimmy (James Morgan) wants himself to be called as Saul when he does something bad.  The show has successfully finished its finale episode of season 3 on 10th April 2017. I has garnered several nominations in Emmy Awards, Critics Choice Television Awards and many among others. The is show airs on AMC.

Fear The Walking Dead

Genre- Horror, Drama

Main Cast- Kim Dickens as Madison, Cliff Curtis as Travis, Frank Dilane as Nick, Colman Domingo as Victor, Alycia Carey as Alicia Elizabeth Rodriquez as Liza and Mercedes Mason as Ofelia.

Another AMC TV show, Fear The Walking Dead is an amazing Horror drama show on television. The show is companion and prequel series of AMC’s original ‘The Walking Dead’. The show has the beginning events of spreading of a deadly virus that is making living people into Zombies. The on set of virus attack makes the civilization collapse, while living unaffected people must learn their way to survive this outbreak.

The series debuted on AMC on 23rd August, 2015. The show acclaimed 77% votes on Rotten Tomatoes and rating of 6.7/10 by the critics (source)

American Gods

Genre- Fantasy, Drama

Main Cast- Ricky Whittle as Shadow, Ian McShane as Mr. Wednesday.

American Gods is an American Television Series airing on Starz, is an adaption of the book of same by Neil Gaiman. The book was published in 2001 and gained fame instantly. The show is all about the man named Shadow. Shadow is a prisoned man but released early mysteriously. He meets a stranger name Mr. Wednesday who wants to hire.

This fantasy show is about the clashes among old and new Gods which is getting strong day by day. The most important aspect of this book is belief. According to the book, it is believed that people has faith in God and that’s why they survive.

Breaking Bad

Genre- Crime drama, Thriller

Main Cast- Bryan Cranston as Walter

This popular television series got so much popularity. The show is about a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with Stage 3 Cancer. And in order to secure his family’s future he undergoes an unusual career of drugs. Main character of the story is Walter White. The show successfully ran for 5 years and was regarded as greatest television series of all the time. By the time series was on the path of Finale, it was most watched series on the cable.

The story has mixed up black comedy where also revealing the state of mind of the man who is going to die. The fearless ambition of Walter takes him to various turns of crime career path proving effective all time.

Game of Thrones

Genre- Epic Drama, Fantasy

Main Cast- Emilia Clarke as Daenerys , Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister, Kit Harrington as Rob Stark.

You must be thinking that this should be on top of our list, but then you might have not come to this point. Yes! GOT is the most popular and greatest epic TV shows on earth. The show first commenced in 2011 and gained great fan following for its characters. This multi starrer American television series is all about the fight and struggle for Iron Throne. Again, the show is an adaption of A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin. The series is based upon the book story which is written in three huge parts.

The show has completed successful 6 seasons and 7th is awaited by everyone. Brand new season will aired on 16th July 2017.


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