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Social Media Websites are great platforms where users can express their opinions openly. You can see social media everywhere and with their blessing you can connect with your friends and family. These web based social medias are superb way to connect personally and also professionally.

Social Media offers highly interactive interface to the individuals and organization which they can create, co-create, modify and enhance. With the Help of Social Media profiles one can portray his/her abilities, interest, hobbies and expression of opinion to the most. In the midst of 2017, every individual has a social profile linked to his Social Media Networking sites, giving him/her visibility in circle.

According to an American Survey, more than 60% users in the age group of 13-17 years has at least one social media account. An average rate of an individual spending two hours of the social media on daily basis is 84%. (source)

Top 5 Popular Social Media Websites


Talking about Social Media Sites and Facebook is the most popular and suddenly pops up in everybody’s mind. Facebook was launched in 2004, in California. The initial membership was limited to Harvard Students only.

Gradually, the membership was extended to other post graduate students Stanford and Stanley. But in 2006 the user registration was final open to everybody in the web. Even a child of 13 years age can open a Facebook account with the blessing of Mark Zuckerberg.

Each registered user in the Facebook gets their own profile and content which he/she can share with their friends, family and circle. Facebook has grown to a great extent till now. It revamped its Facebook profile pages to chronological feeds called . In Timelines, and later it introduced Pages sections for brands and celebrities in 2007. In 2009, Facebook also introduced the Username feature for the users who needed personalized username URL for their public profile.


Twitter is the micro blogging service more popular for its ‘Tweets’ restricted to 140 characters only. This microblogging service is interactive social media website where users tweet each other and communicate. It was initially launched with the concept of news channeling. But in the current phase, all kinds of users have their registered accounts with the Twitter.

But now all kinds of users join hands with Twitter and make public posts. Unregistered users can only read the tweets. Although, tweets can be viewed by everyone, but you can restrict the share of the tweet only to your followers.


Pinterest is an interactive photo sharing social media website. It is fastest growing pin board style web media where users can share their blogs and ideas with help of Pin. Every blog/ idea is represented by a Pin, it shares an image including description and URL of the source of image. When you click open to the Pin, you can see the originated source of the image and proceed with reading.

It is a good way to share your ideas across the web. Both Pinners and organization bring quality content to the Pinterest. When user Pin something on their board, the homes feeds of the followers get the notification and sharing starts.


LinkedIn is the most popular social media website for professionals. Whether you are an executive officer of the company, or middle employee or just first year student, everybody has an account with LinkedIn. It is a great platform for the people looking for professional connections. It is very traditional way of meeting professional. Where you have an meeting, you talk and lastly share business cards. Wherein, in LinkedIn you can add connections similar to Facebook requests and share your work details, accomplishments and past work records.

It also has private message facility for communicating with your connections. The social media helps you to get in touch with your past colleague, upload your latest resume and search and apply for jobs. Overall, LinkedIn is an amazing way to survive in professional networking circle.


Google Plus was launched by Google with competition in Facebook. It is similar to any social media website to an extent. However, Google Plus gives you independence of sharing your ideas in your particular work or social circle. With the Circle feature you can create small groups of your friends and family and restrict your updates.

Whereas , Hangout feature in the Google Plus is a live messenger service allowing the users to communicate. The users can chat and also video call with Hangout.




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