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News Blog Sites are essential part of our day now. The first thing we do in the morning is check our New Websites notification for great news. The best thing about the digital media is that it keeps you updated real time. If you are subscriber to News Blogs/ Websites, then you must be experiencing real time updates about the world. It keeps you ahead of other.

There are so many News websites/blogs these days that you can literary follow the micro niche news blogs for your convenience. Today, we have listed very comprehensive but not exhaustive Top 5 list of News Blog Sites that you should consider following for top- notch news and information. Also check out our very popular post on Top 5 Indian Blogs to Follow.

Top 5 News Blog Sites

Yahoo! News

We all are aware of Yahoo! Network and the chain of best services provided by them. Yahoo! News is one of the services of Yahoo! Network. This News Blog Site has more than 175,000,000 unique visitors on daily basis (source). The website has all kinds of news from Business to Entertainment sector. The website has easy to use navigation system and also safe of open at work place. On Yahoo! News you can read about world and domestic news.

Huffington Post

One of the leading News Blog Site is Huffington Post. The blog was launched in 2005 and it consider itself as political liberal. This blog features top- notch worldwide news relevant to Politics, Business, Entertainment, and many more. Huffington Post is reliable source of news feeds. This blog is visited by approximately 110,000,000 unique visitors monthly.



Tech Crunch

This is probably the best and most popular technology news blog. TechCrunch is dedicated to technology and tech related news and blog posts. If you are searching for an update about technology sector, then this is the best place to look for. This American based news site is owned by AOL and includes a team of notable journalists and contributors. The blog is more famous for its bold statements and opinions about newly launched tech products.

The Guardian

The Guardian is the British daily newspaper website that offers wide array of news updates to their follower. This news blog site is very old and has been in the business of news from 1936. The site of this news blog is very intuitive and easy to use. The site helps you to stay updated as it offers world wide news broadcast. It also offers best updates about sports and international matters.

Fox News

Fox News Blog is one of the oldest blog on internet that distributes news updates and latest satire on the political matters. Introduced in 1995, the news blog offers latest coverage not only about politics but also columns by FNC televisions, radio and online personalities. The mobile format of Fox News also belongs to FNC website which streams online news videos and matters of general interest.





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