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With the increase in the medical inflation, it is necessary that one should have an optimum health insurance for oneself and for entire family. Health Insurance Plans in India are designed to meet the customers requirement and prevalent medicine structure in the country. Medical Insurance companies have come up with very unique idea to sell their products to the mass.

Health plans are good way to protect your family at times of financial need. Imagine the situation when you need to deposit large amount of money to the hospital in short period of time. A good health coverage will save you from last minute arrangement and you can get your loved ones treated on time. Buying Health Insurance Plan will help your family to get better coverage.

The level of coverage is the top attribute for the Medical plan to become best. You should look for the plan which covers large number of medicine ground, you can avail the benefit from the hospital in location, should offer cashless treatment, have ambulance and post hospitalization cover. With multiple choice available in the market you can also opt for Comparison service of It is the leading Insurance comparison website in India.

Types of Health Insurance Plans

There are many types of Health Insurance Plans which can be choose by you as your current needs-

  • Health Insurance for Individuals
  • Health Insurance for Family
  • Health Insurance for Senior Citizens

Here in this post we have listed very good and optimum health insurance plans for individual and family. These plans have been selected according to their popularity and belonging to the house of best Health Insurance Companies in India.

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Top 5 Health Insurance Plans 2017


Apollo Munich Optima Restore Individual

This plan is very thoughtful about policy holder. The most important feature of this plan is its coverage even when policy holder has exhausted the sum insured. Apollo Munich Optima Restore is am award wining product from Apollo Munich. It features to cover all the members of the family even after a claim is made by the policy holder.


There are three important benefits of this plan- Stay Active, Restore and Multiplier.


Stay Active feature of the plan requires policy holder to be active physically. Policy holders are provided with the mobile app that determines their daily activity. On the consideration of the activity level, huge discounts and premium waiver are offered to the policy holders. Restore and multiplier are better option in case you have claims made or unclaimed years.


ICICI Lombard Complete Health Insurance


ICICI Complete Health Insurance plan entails hospitalization cover, benefit of additional sum insured amount, expense of day care surgery, maternity benefit and many more. This award winning health plan ensures that you get health coverage as per your family needs. The plan is tailor made and can be customized to fit your health issues.


This plan is very useful for the people who looking for custom made health plans suiting the needs. In fact, pre existing diseases will be covered immediately after the period of 2 years of the policy. The family floater benefit is useful for the policy holder as it also covers a child of 3 months old. No medical test is required upto the age of 46 years and sum insured upto 10 Lacs.


Max Bupa Health Companion Plan

This health insurance plan from Max Bupa is tailor made plan for nuclear family which cover you, your spouse and children up to 4 kids. The plan is designed to provide easy health claim with cash less treatment and assured plan renewal for the life. The plan covers the hospital expenses when you or any of your family member is hospitalized. It also covers the hospital accommodation and ambulance expenses.


The main feature of this policy is their claim process. The claim process is fairly simple and very straight forward. You just have to carry your ID proof with your patient in one of the networked hospital. Also if you are opting for 2 year policy, you are entitled to 12.5% discount on 2nd year policy premium.


Bajaj Allianz Health Guard


Health Guard policy with Bajaj Allianz is a comprehensive policy with pool of benefits. It ensures that you get covered for your health in this era of expensive medicines. It covers the medical expenses incurred whether due to accident or critical illness. An health insurance policy is important tool not just for your tax saving agenda but it also helps you get financial aid at difficult times.


There are basically 2 types of policy called Silver and Gold plan. Silver plan is offered for the lower amount of Sum Assured of 1.5 Lacs while Gold plan includes higher amounts. Although plan is renewable for lifetime but you can renew the plan for dependents and spouse till 35 years only.


Star Family Health Optima


This Family health Optima Health Insurance plan from Star Health Insurance is a single policy for wider coverage. With this one policy you can cover your entire family with affordable premium amount. The plan includes the features like health check up for free every year, 3 times Automatic restoration, cover for reproductive treatments and many more. This comprehensive plan is very useful for the people who does not know much about buying health insurance plans.


Star Health Insurance company is a standalone private company which focus on building health plans only. It is also list as one of the Top 5 Health Insurance Companies in India. The plan benefits include expenses of room boarding, nurse expenses and charges for road and air ambulance.





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