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and when all the wars are over,

a butterfly will still be beautiful!

-Ruskin Bond

Such is the beauty of words! Books makes you live thousand lives, and can you imagine how exciting it is. Indian authors are gems in the world of literature. They have contributed the bestseller Indian novels in the arts and literature that are priceless. Here are few amazing work of art by some of the Indian authors you cannot afford to miss.

Top 5 Bestseller Indian Novels all the time

The Guide by R.K. Narayan

The great author R.K. Narayan does not need any introduction. Everybody knows him. He has produced some very great work like Malgudi Days. He is an unusual writer writing in English language. His works are based upon sarcastic political issues and stick to his homeland plot. The Guide is one the most celebrated works by RK Narayan which was also adapted for motion movie with the same title starring Dev Anand.

The Bestseller Indian Novel- The Guide is about a rogue tourist guide name Raju, and his journey towards being a con artist to spiritual holy guru. This book has won National Literary Academy Awards and one of the most celebrated books of India.


A Train To Pakistan by Khushwant Singh

This emotional book by Khushwant Singh is an epic in itself. The books tells you about the time of 1947 when Pakistan was declared separate country and time of Civil War that endured. Millions of people died in this civil war and many villages and cities were ripped apart. Khushwant Singh starts his novel by addressing imaginary remote village on the deep ends of frontiers named Mano Majra. The dwellers of this village are not aware of the religious hatred and Muslims and Sikhs have been living there together for years.

One day, a ghost train arrived this village loaded with thousand of bodies of the refugees. The village experienced the horror of civil war for the first time. The story is intriguing and narrates the sorrow of people facing those times.


Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

Salman Rushdie’s Indian novels are based upon the modernism thinking and traditions. In this book he has narrated the transition of India from British Colony to Independent country. The story is about the children born in the exact midnight of the independence days 15-Aug-1947. These children veils special powers. One of them is Saleem Sinai who was born exactly at 12.00 AM. He was born with telepathic powers.

The story gets more interesting when it was discovered by Saleem that all the children born between 12.00 AM to 1.00 AM has special powers and kids closest to midnight are more powerful. Gradually, Saleem realizes that his powers are burden to him.


A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth

This comical yet satirical Indian novel was published in 1993 and was considered as the longest book ever publishes in single volume. the story background is post independence time, where on the center character of the story Mrs. Rupa Mehra is in search of a ‘suitable boy’ for her daughter, Lata. The story revolves around the four families and period of 18 months, where Lata is forced to choose between three suitors Kabir, Haresh and Amit.

Seth’s 1349 pages novel takes you to the swift ride of how first post independence elections and hindu- muslim strike that took place. You could also live the time of post partition time duration with this book.

The God Of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

This is classic masterpiece by Arundhati Roy. Being her debut novel, she managed to bring in to the notice of the people that how small things matter in life. The center part of the story is that small things can affect your posture and behavior. The story background sets in the remote village of Kerala, where two fraternal twins are brought up. The book encompasses their childhood and later their adulthood.

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